Creating a ‘Conference Basket’
October 2005

“Creating a ‘Conference Basket’” Ensign, Oct. 2005, 70–71

Creating a “Conference Basket”

As a single mom of three girls ranging from Primary age to midteens, I wanted to help them attentively watch general conference. But conference weekend usually occurs when they are at their father’s home. Undeterred, I decided to start a tradition of making a conference basket for them to take with them so that I can also be part of their enjoyment of conference. Included is a special poem from me and activity booklets I create ahead of time for each daughter. I also add a variety of fun goodies—a new box of crayons, pencils, novelty erasers, and a large bag of chocolate candies, for example.

The booklets, titled “My General Conference Report,” each contain space for jotting down notes of conference proceedings: who conducted, who gave opening and closing prayers, who sang the music, and which songs were sung. There are also pages for taking notes on each talk. The child lists the speaker and his or her Church calling, the subject spoken about, and any prominent scripture references used. These pages show simple illustrations of the conference pulpit, prompting the children to draw each speaker, a practice that helps them to better remember the names and faces. Additional pages often offer simple games, such as word searches and “tic-talk-toe”—all with a conference theme.

I save my booklets on the computer to make changing or reprinting them easy. But simply writing down the ideas in a notebook for your child would work too. Whether your children are with you at conference or away from home, this simple idea can help them focus on the important messages shared.

Following each conference I am pleased to review my children’s booklets. Knowing that they watched all the sessions and took notes helps me be more attentive to conference as well.

Michele T. Adams, Riverdale Fourth Ward, Riverdale Utah Stake

Illustrated by Joe Flores