My Achievement Journal
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“My Achievement Journal,” Ensign, Jan. 2005, 73

My Achievement Journal

For years, setting and keeping New Year’s resolutions was difficult for me. But then I discovered that by first keeping a journal of my accomplishments I could build on my successes and set goals for what I wanted to achieve next. With a notebook or journal to write in or a computer to key in your thoughts, you can do the same.

Just think back over your life and write down the events or accomplishments that brought you peace, courage, and confidence. Don’t eliminate anything that comes to mind. If it was important to you, write it down. Feel free to organize your journal any way you want. Then keep your record in an accessible place where you can easily record any subsequent meaningful events.

Review your journal frequently to remember what accomplishments you have achieved. As your list grows, look for areas where you feel ready to stretch a bit more. For instance, if you walked every day for the past several months, why not set a goal to enter a local 5K run/walk?

The important idea is to focus on our achievements, no matter how small. By focusing on our successes, we can set goals and achieve all that our Father in Heaven would have us do in this life.

Janine Simons Creager, Davis Creek Second Ward, Farmington Utah South Stake