Making the Most of This Issue

“Making the Most of This Issue,” Ensign, July 2004, 80

Making the Most of This Issue

July 2004

Putting on the Armor of God

“True spiritual power lies in numerous smaller acts woven together in a fabric of spiritual fortification that protects and shields from all evil,” Elder M. Russell Ballard points out as he discusses how we can protect ourselves with the armor of God. See “Be Strong in the Lord,” page 8.

Protecting Your Child

Are you concerned about the friends your children spend time with? Find tips for steering them away from gangs and for helping them select good friends in “Protecting Your Child from Gang Influence,” page 16.

Unity—with Dessert on the Side

Have you ever been asked to bring cookies or a cake to a ward dinner? Maybe you’ve served on the activities committee and know the challenge behind planning an event to bring the ward together. Find out how enjoyable activities can help bring individuals and families to Christ in “Parties, Picnics, and Potlucks,” page 29.

Milestone in Mexico

Mexico will reach a historic one-million-member milestone this year. Read about how the Church is changing lives there in “One Million in Mexico,” page 34.

Power to Resist

What can a woman do if she finds herself attracted to a man who is married to someone else? See “How Could This Happen to Me?” page 43.

Celebrating 75 Years

Did you know that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has been broadcasting weekly performances for 75 years? Music and the Spoken Word is the longest continuously running network broadcast in the world. See how it has been done in “From the Crossroads of the West,” page 68.

Home Teachers, Visiting Teachers

Find your monthly messages on page 2 and page 61.

Book of Mormon Stories

If you’re preparing for a Sunday School lesson, studying individually, or reading the Book of Mormon with your family, you’ll find this final section of a Book of Mormon historical chart is filled with helpful information putting the stories in context. Read of dates, key events, teachings about the Savior, and gospel principles. See “Book of Mormon Times at a Glance, Chart 2,” page 22.

Don’t Miss the Feast

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