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“Comment,” Ensign, June 2004, 79


Lending Support During Unemployment

“Helping Marriage Survive Unemployment: Seven Principles” (Ensign, Apr. 2004) struck a resonant chord in my heart. Jim’s feelings, experiences, and challenges in dealing with unemployment were all too familiar to me. We should be open to lending our support to those in our midst who are faced with this and similar situations. In our home, home teachers and priesthood leaders have been a great comfort. A concerned Relief Society president was also there to lend encouragement to our family. I have found great strength from my friends, both in and out of the Church, who remain in contact to give their support. Thank you, Ensign, for dealing with such an important topic.
Bill Gaudette, Shawnessy Ward, Calgary Alberta Foothills Stake

Interest in Finances

Lane V. Erickson’s article on financial well-being (“Five Steps to Financial Well-Being, Ensign, Mar. 2004) was excellent and timely. However, rather than paying off the smallest debts first, I suggest paying down those with the highest interest rates. The more quickly people can pay off high-interest debts, the more money will be available for paying off the rest.
Harold Lillywhite, Reedville Ward, Cedar Mill Oregon Stake