Family Home Evening Helps: Scripture Study with Children
January 2004

“Family Home Evening Helps: Scripture Study with Children,” Ensign, Jan. 2004, 69

Family Home Evening Helps: Scripture Study with Children

A few years ago we became concerned that our Primary-age children were not familiar with some of the scripture stories. To help them learn more, our family began to read aloud and discuss stories from Old Testament Stories (item no. 31118; $7.75 U.S.) each Monday night. We also invited family members to illustrate an event from one of the stories. After completing our pictures, we hung them on a wall in our family room to form a general time line. During subsequent family home evenings we played question-and-answer games related to the stories in our pictorial time line.

Available online at www.lds.org, at Church distribution centers, or as selections printed in the Friend magazine, the scripture readers illustrate most of the standard works, making this activity adaptable to your family’s choice of study. Our children have had a stronger foundation for studying and understanding the scriptures as they grow older, after learning the fundamental stories in their youth.

Meredith R. Jack, Colorado Springs 13th Ward, Colorado Springs Colorado North Stake

Illustrated by Beth Whittaker