New Testament Times at a Glance, Chart 2: The Savior’s Final Week
April 2003

“New Testament Times at a Glance, Chart 2: The Savior’s Final Week,” Ensign, Apr. 2003, 26–29

New Testament

New Testament Times at a Glance, Chart 2:

The Savior’s Final Week

New Testament Times at a Glance, part 2, page 1
New Testament Times at a Glance, part 2, page 2

Dates are approximate.
Clockwise from left: Detail from Christ’s Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem, by Harry Anderson; O Jerusalem, by Greg Olsen, from the Visions of Faith Collection by Mill Pond Press, Inc., Venice, Florida; Judas Betraying Jesus with a Kiss, by James J. Tissot; In Remembrance of Me, by Walter Rane, courtesy of Museum of Church History and Art; The Last Supper, by Simon Dewey, courtesy of Altus Fine Art, American Fork, Utah; Five of Them Were Wise, by Walter Rane, courtesy of Museum of Church History and Art

map of Jerusalem at the Time of Jesus

Jerusalem at the Time of Jesus (Map by Thomas S. Child.)

New Testament Times at a Glance
New Testament Times at a Glance

Dates are approximate.
Clockwise from top left: The Lord Accused before Caiaphas, by Frank Adams; The Crucifixion, by Carl Heinrich Bloch, courtesy of the National Historic Museum at Frederiksborg in Hillerød, Denmark; Why Weepest Thou? by Liz Lemon Swindle; detail from The Doubtful Thomas, by Carl Heinrich Bloch/Superstock; And He Healed Them All Every One, by Gary L. Kapp; Suffer Ye Thus Far, by Walter Rane

  1. John 11:7 Jesus returned to the Jerusalem area for the final time.

  2. John 11:1–53 Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead (see Bible Dictionary [BD], “Lazarus,” 723).

  3. John 11:54 Jesus went to the city of Ephraim.

  4. John 12:1–8 In Bethany, Mary anointed Jesus’ feet (see BD, “Spikenard,” 776).

  5. John 12:9–11 Chief priests conspired to kill Jesus and Lazarus (see BD, “Sanhedrin,” 769).

  6. Joseph Smith Translation, Matt. 21:1–6 As instructed, two disciples brought a colt to Jesus.

  7. Joseph Smith Translation, Matt. 21:7–11 Jesus made His triumphal entry into Jerusalem on a colt. Multitudes received Him as a king (see BD, “Hosanna,” 704–5).

  8. Luke 19:41–44 Jesus wept over Jerusalem (see BD, “Jerusalem,” 712).

  9. John 12:20–50 At the temple Jesus taught some Greek Jews about His Father.

  10. Matt. 21:12–16 Jesus cast money changers out of the temple a second time.

  11. Matt. 21:17 Jesus returned to Bethany.

  12. Matt. 21:18–22 On His way back to Jerusalem, Jesus cursed the barren fig tree (see BD, “Fig tree,” 674).

  13. Matt. 21:23–46 Chief priests challenged Jesus’ authority. He rebuked them.

  14. Matt. 21:28–22:14 Parables of the two sons, the wicked husbandmen, and the marriage of the king’s son.

  15. Matt. 22:15–46 Enemies tried to trap Jesus in His words. He answered their questions about Roman taxes, marriage and the Resurrection, and the great commandment (see BD, “Caesar,” 628; “Herodians,” 701–2; “Sadducees,” 767).

  16. Mark 12:41–44 At the temple treasury Jesus noticed a widow donating a mite (see BD, “Money,” 733–34).

  17. Matt. 23:1–36 Jesus warned the multitude about hypocrisy (see BD, “Scribe,” 770).

  18. Matt. 23:37–39 Jesus again lamented over Jerusalem.

  19. Matt. 24–25; JS—M 1 At the Mount of Olives Jesus taught His disciples about the destruction of Jerusalem and the signs of His Second Coming (see BD, “Christ,” 633; “Coming of Jesus Christ,” 648).

  20. Matt. 25 Parables of the ten virgins, the talents, and the sheep and the goats (see BD, “Weights and Measures,” 788–89).

  21. Matt. 26:1–2 Jesus told His disciples He would be crucified in two days.

  22. Matt. 26:3–5 Chief priests again conspired to kill Jesus.

  23. Matt. 26:6–13 Jesus visited the house of Simon the leper. A woman anointed Jesus in preparation for His death (see BD, “Simon,” 775).

  24. Luke 22:3–6 Judas Iscariot arranged to betray Jesus to the chief priests (see BD, “Judas,” 719).

  25. Luke 22:7–13 The disciples prepared an upper room for the Passover meal (see BD, “Feasts,” 672–74).

  26. Luke 22:14–38 After sundown Jesus had His Last Supper with His Twelve Apostles.

  27. John 13:18–30 Jesus announced that one of His disciples would betray Him. Judas left the room.

  28. Mark 14:22–25 Jesus instituted the sacrament.

  29. John 13:2–17 Jesus washed the feet of the Apostles.

  30. John 13:31–35 Jesus taught His disciples and commanded them to love one another as He had loved them.

  31. Mark 14:27–31 Jesus’ disciples pledged their loyalty to Him.

  32. John 14 Jesus testified of His divinity and taught of the Comforters (see BD, “Comforter,” 648; “Holy Ghost,” 704).

  33. Luke 22:39 Jesus and the disciples left for the Mount of Olives.

  34. John 15–16 Jesus taught His disciples of the true vine, love, opposition, and His imminent death (see BD, “Grace,” 697).

  35. John 17 Jesus offered the Intercessory Prayer, praying to the Father for His Apostles and all who believe in Him through them.

  36. John 18:1 Jesus and His disciples arrived at the Garden of Gethsemane.

  37. Mark 14:32–42; Luke 22:40–46 Jesus took Peter, James, and John into the garden; Jesus prayed; an angel comforted Him; Jesus found the three asleep; He prayed a second time; Jesus bled from every pore; the three still continued to sleep; He prayed a third time; Jesus woke His disciples (see BD, “Abba,” 600; “Atonement,” 617; “Gethsemane,” 680).

  38. Luke 22:47–48; John 18:2–9 Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus with a kiss. Jesus’ accusers fell to the ground.

  39. John 18:10–11 Peter tried to stop the arrest of Jesus.

  40. Luke 22:49–51 Jesus healed the ear of the high priest’s servant.

  41. Mark 14:46, 48–52 Jesus was arrested; the disciples fled.

  42. John 18:13 Jesus was first taken to the palace of Annas (see BD, “Annas,” 609).

  43. John 18:24 Jesus was sent to Caiaphas (see BD, “Caiaphas,” 628).

  44. John 18:14–23 Caiaphas questioned Jesus; an officer struck Jesus in the face.

  45. Matt. 26:59–68 Members of the ruling council questioned, mocked, spat upon, and beat Jesus.

  46. Luke 22:56–62 Three times Peter denied knowing Jesus (see BD, “Peter,” 749).

  47. Luke 22:66–67 At sunrise Jesus was questioned by the whole ruling council.

  48. Matt. 27:1; Luke 22:67–71 Jesus declared that He was the Son of God. He was condemned to death (see BD, “Blasphemy,” 625–26).

  49. Matt. 27:3–10 Judas hanged himself (see BD, “Aceldama,” 602; “Potter’s Field,” 752).

  50. John 18:28 Jesus was led to the Roman hall of judgment.

  51. John 18:29–38 Pilate questioned Jesus and found no fault in Him (see BD, “Pilate,” 751; “Pontius,” 752).

  52. Luke 23:6–7 Pilate sent Jesus to King Herod Antipas.

  53. Luke 23:8–12 Herod questioned and mocked Jesus (see BD, “Herod,” 700–1).

  54. Luke 23:11 Jesus was sent back to Pilate.

  55. Luke 23:13–25 Pilate offered to release Jesus, but the people said, “Crucify him.” Pilate released Barabbas (see BD, “Barabbas,” 619).

  56. John 19:1–16 Jesus was whipped, had a crown of thorns placed on His head, was clothed in a purple robe, and was beaten by Roman soldiers. Pilate sought again to release Jesus, but the people wanted Him crucified.

  57. Mark 15:20–22 Jesus was led to Golgotha (see BD, “Calvary,” 629; “Golgotha,” 682).

  58. Mark 15:23–28; John 19:23–24 Jesus was nailed to the cross. Soldiers cast lots for His clothes (see BD, “Crucifixion,” 651).

  59. Mark 15:29–32 Jesus was mocked as He hung on the cross.

  60. Mark 15:33 Darkness covered the land for three hours.

  61. John 19:29 Jesus was offered vinegar to drink (see BD, “Hyssop,” 706).

  62. Mark 15:37–38 Jesus spoke His last words and died. There was an earthquake, and the veil of the temple was torn in half.

  63. John 19:31–37 A soldier pierced Jesus’ side with a spear.

  64. John 19:38–42 Before sundown Jesus’ body was laid in a tomb.

  65. Matt. 27:62–66 Chief priests and Pharisees sealed the tomb and assigned guards to watch it.

  66. D&C 138:11–24 While His body lay in the tomb, Jesus visited the righteous in the spirit world (see BD, “Paradise,” 742).

  67. Joseph Smith Translation, Matt. 28:24 At Jesus’ Resurrection, the earth shook and angels unsealed His tomb.

  68. Matt. 27:52–53 Righteous Saints in the spirit world were resurrected (see BD, “Resurrection,” 761).

  69. Joseph Smith Translation, Matt. 28:1–8; Joseph Smith Translation, Mark 16:1–8 Some women, including Mary Magdalene, found the tomb open, saw the angels, and ran to tell the disciples (see BD, “Mary Magdalene,” 729).

  70. John 20:2–10 Peter and John ran to the tomb and found it empty.

  71. John 20:11–17 Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene at the tomb.

  72. Luke 24:34 Jesus appeared to Peter.

  73. Matt. 28:9–10; Luke 24:10–11 Jesus appeared to other women. They testified to the disciples of His Resurrection.

  74. Luke 24:13–35 Jesus appeared to two disciples on the road to Emmaus.

  75. Luke 24:36–48; John 20:19–25 At Jerusalem Jesus appeared to a group of disciples; Thomas was not with them.

  76. John 20:26–29 Eight days later Jesus appeared to Thomas and the other Apostles.

  77. John 21:1–23 At the Sea of Galilee Jesus appeared to seven of His disciples. He said to Peter, “Feed my sheep.”

  78. Matt. 28:16–20 In Galilee Jesus appeared to 11 disciples.

  79. Luke 24:49–53; Acts 1:1–11 Forty days after His Resurrection, Jesus ascended into heaven from the Mount of Olives. Two angels promised that Jesus would return in like manner (see BD, “Ascension,” 614).

Book of Mormon

  1. 80 3 Ne. 8:2–3 The righteous people in America began to look with earnestness for the sign of Christ’s death.

  2. 3 Ne. 8:5–19 Great storms and earthquakes caused destruction throughout America.

  3. 3 Ne. 8:20–10:9 Darkness covered the land for three days. Jesus spoke from heaven to the more righteous people in America.

  4. 3 Ne. 11:1–26:15 Jesus visited and taught the people in America.

  5. 3 Ne. 16:1–3 Jesus visited other lost sheep of the house of Israel.

“New Testament Times at a Glance, Chart 3: The Early Apostles—Their Lives and Letters” will be published in July 2003.