No-Fuss Family History

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“No-Fuss Family History,” Ensign, Dec. 2002, 64

No-Fuss Family History

For Christmas one year, each of our family members received a binder titled “Our Family—Then and Now.” Sectioned to store past and present information, these simple gifts helped us to begin recording our family’s history. One Sunday each month our family members all gather to write on a specific “then” topic, such as “Memories of times I spent with Dad,” “What I have learned from Mom,” “My most embarrassing moment,” or “What I remember about my baptism.” That same evening we also write about recent family events and personal experiences, especially those that occurred during the month. Some family members have recorded highlights such as babies’ births or blessings, children’s lost teeth, good test scores, or funny experiences. We help those too young to write, and long-distance family members mail or e-mail their contributions. A family member types the handwritten drafts, and on a subsequent Sunday, family members each receive a copy of the finished product to read and place in their binders. This Sunday activity unites our family. We share our trials and triumphs and focus on blessings we have received from the Lord.—Kristin W. Belcher, Riverton 10th Ward, Riverton Utah Central Stake

Illustrated by Joe Flores