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“Comment,” Ensign, June 2002, 79


Strength in Troubled Times

To all those responsible for the wonderful articles in the Ensign magazine, we would like to express our thanks and gratitude. The articles have been a strength to us in these troublesome times. We know you are following the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

Clem J. and LaRie Thompson
Rexburg, Idaho

Thanks for a Hymn

Thank you for including the hymn “ ’Mid the Stillness of the Night” in the April 2002 Ensign. I sat down at my piano today and played it through. It is a beautiful hymn, perfect for Easter. I have often wished that the Ensign would publish more hymns and songs like the New Era and Friend. Please let this be one of many hymns you publish.

Emily Milner
Lindon, Utah

Stake Organized Earlier

I read with considerable interest the article “A Branch of Faith in the Forest” (Apr. 2002). Many of us here in Whatcom County know of the members mentioned. Theirs is a noble and distinctive pioneer heritage.

I did want to point out that the Bellingham Washington Stake was not organized in 1994, as was mentioned in the article, but in 1981. The stake was first organized with five wards and a dependent Sunday School on the Lummi Indian Reservation.

Eugene C. Hatch
Bellingham, Washington

Inspiration to Change

I have not been active in the Church for quite some time. I was recently skimming through the pages of the Ensign when I came upon various articles concerning problems I have been facing in my life. As I was reading the articles, I began to cry. For so long I did not realize my unhappiness came from the poor choices I made, but now I feel the importance of repentance and forgiveness. I just want to express gratitude for helping my understanding grow into a desire to change.

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