We Believe in Him
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“We Believe in Him,” Ensign, Feb. 2002, 6


We Believe in Him

Newly refurbished exhibits focus on how the Lord’s teachings and the words of His prophets can direct our lives.

The message is clear: We believe in Jesus Christ. We believe in doing what He taught. We believe in Him as Savior of all mankind and as the head of the Church He has organized, a Church directed by prophets He has called.

This is the message you discover as you browse the recently remodeled North and South Visitors’ Centers on Temple Square.

Thanks to the changes in the two visitors’ centers, you can learn those things at your own pace, either with the help of the latest in interactive computerized displays or of missionary guides.

Exhibits in the North Visitors’ Center focus on belief in Christ and His prophets through the ages. The Christus statue on the center’s upper level still beckons to visitors to consider what Jesus Christ and His sacrifice mean for them. New dioramas in the building depict what prophets have done under His direction. One display features today’s prophets and apostles testifying of His gospel. Another display focuses on how we implement His teachings in caring for the poor and needy.

Exhibits in the South Visitors’ Center focus on the importance of families and how they can be together forever through temple covenants made possible by the gospel of Jesus Christ. There is also a large display on the building of the Salt Lake Temple.

Computer technology used in new exhibits puts the visitor in control. By touching a selector screen for one of the displays, you could choose to watch a dramatization of the Lord giving the Ten Commandments to Moses. At another spot, you might select a narration explaining why members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints build and visit temples. You might watch a dramatization of an incident from the Book of Mormon with an explanation of how it can apply to your life, or a video clip from a talk by a living prophet or apostle teaching about a gospel principle. The design of the exhibits allows visitors to find answers to their own questions about Latter-day Saints and their beliefs.

Missionaries are close by to respond to visitors who want more information or to take guided tours.

The exhibits make the most of the technological advances that have created exciting new ways to share the gospel. But the message they share remains the same: We believe in Jesus Christ, our Savior and our Lord.

Photography by Craig Dimond

1. The Christus statue, North Visitors’ Center upper level, allows visitors to contemplate the Savior’s mission. 2. Paintings on the North Visitors’ Center main level depict events in Christ’s life. 3. A scale model of Jerusalem help visitors locate the place of various events during the last days of the Savior’s life.

[map] North Visitors’ Center Lower Level

1. One diorama in the North Visitors’ Center lower level depicts Mormon with ancient records. 2. Events in the life of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the importance of his mission are vividly portrayed. 3. The living prophet and apostles are the focus of one exhibit. 4. Obeying the Lord’s commandments includes assisting others.

[map] South Visitors’ Center Main Level

1. Families are a focus of South Visitors’ Center exhibits. 2. Visitors can listen to teachings of a modern prophet about families. 3. Historic items from the Salt Lake Temple are displayed. 4. The story of the Salt Lake Temple unfolds as if told by the builders themselves.