December 2001

“Comment,” Ensign, Dec. 2001, 70


Easing Burdens

Thank you for the informative and helpful article, “Easing the Burdens of Mental Illness” (Oct. 2001). As national president of the Canadian Mental Health Association and as one involved in this area for almost 20 years, I can attest to the support that we, as members of the Lord’s Church, can bring to those who suffer with mental illness. Such service is a demonstration of the concern and love that we, as Latter-day Saints, have for those around us.

The world has need of willing volunteers who will ease the burdens of others and heed the call to serve.

Bill Gaudette
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Just As Much Meaning

Thank you for publishing the article, “Loving My Wayward Child” (Sept. 2001). It addressed a sensitive topic in a way that touched me deeply.

Two things stood out to make the story especially meaningful. First, the mother realized that her attempts to force her daughter to change destructive behaviors were actually infringing on her daughter’s agency. Second, the account ended with the daughter still not active in the Church, but with the mother continuing to have hope.

This kind of experience has as much meaning and validity for members as stories that end with everything being set right. I think that the Ensign publishing a story with a “less-than-perfect” outcome was courageous and beneficial.

Tony Markham
Delhi, New York

Iowa, not Missouri

I enjoyed the article “From New York to Utah: Seven Church Headquarters” (Aug. 2001). However, the caption on p. 57 describing a painting of Nauvoo should have said the viewpoint was from the Iowa side of the Mississippi River, not the “Missouri side.”

Phyllis Senske
Rapid City, Michigan