Our New Easter Tradition
April 2001

“Our New Easter Tradition,” Ensign, Apr. 2001, 71

Our New Easter Tradition

A year after my husband and I were married, my mother-in-law died of cancer. We were expecting our first child and were saddened that our children would not know their Grandma Judy in this life. This experience prompted us, years ago, to create a new Easter family tradition to help our children understand the blessings of the Resurrection.

On the Saturday before Easter Sunday, we take our children to visit and decorate the graves of our loved ones. Visiting these graves gives us a wonderful opportunity to discuss the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the true meaning of Easter. We teach them that because Jesus Christ was resurrected, their great-grandparents, Grandma Judy, and all who have died will one day be resurrected. We have even gathered around a loved one’s grave and sung the hymn “He Is Risen!” For families who do not have relatives buried nearby, this tradition could work at any cemetery.

We hope that by continuing this tradition, our children will develop a true understanding of Easter and a testimony of the Resurrection of our Savior. As we have made new family traditions that focus on Jesus Christ, we have felt the Holy Ghost illuminate our lives and bring us closer to our loved ones.—Pamela Richardson, Midvale Fifth Ward, Midvale Utah Stake