Our Temple Dates

“Our Temple Dates,” Ensign, Jan. 2001, 64

Our Temple Dates

A few years ago the president of the stake where we lived in Las Vegas challenged bishops, including my husband, to attend the temple more often. The counsel came at a time in our marriage when it was clear that we needed more time together as a couple. One Sunday during a Relief Society lesson on temple attendance, the Spirit bore witness to me that my husband and I needed to follow that direction. My immediate reactions were “But what about my children?” and “How will that help? I’ll be busy doing ordinance work, not talking to my husband.” However, I continued to feel that prompting, and it calmed my fears. I resolved to try attending the temple with him that very week.

The best opportunity for us proved to be during the middle of a day when my husband’s work took him near the temple. He could use his lunch hour for part of the time and make the rest up later. That worked well because our older children were in school and the younger two could play at a friend’s house. As for one-on-one time with my husband, just being in the same room performing the same sacred ordinances seemed to strengthen our marriage. Going to the temple led to many interesting gospel discussions, and soon we found that researching our family tree was a goal we wanted to pursue together.

One day in the temple I thought about Earth’s first couple, Adam and Eve. When they left the Garden of Eden, they had only each other. I realized that if I had been cast out into the unknown, there was no one else on Earth I would rather build a life with than my husband. What peace and comfort I felt as I realized he could be eternally by my side.

That prompting to attend the temple with him more often has been a great blessing in our lives. Now I look forward to each of our temple visits.—Laurie Denning, Jordan River Seventh Ward, South Jordan Utah River Stake