Missionary Music Man of Hamburg

“Missionary Music Man of Hamburg,” Ensign, Dec. 2000, 57

Missionary Music Man of Hamburg

When Martin Klier first met the missionaries 33 years ago, he was a shy, young piano student. They invited him to join a piano duet and perform at a Church meeting. Now he is one of the Hamburg Germany Stake’s finest missionary treasures.

Brother Klier teaches piano in the Hamburg City School System. About 10 years ago he decided to use his network of musical acquaintances in Germany and the United States to organize regular concerts at the Hamburg Stake Center. The concert series, “Konzerte im Pfahlhaus,” has been successful for introducing people to the Church. He has sponsored over 40 musical programs that have attracted almost 9,000 concert-goers, nearly 5,000 of whom have been nonmembers.

The traditions and concerts created by Brother Klier have been patterned after the Temple Square Concert Series at the Assembly Hall in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Brother Klier’s programming has brought together a piano quartet and other musicians from the United States, winners and laureates of international competitions, and local solo artists and orchestras. Receptions, after-concert parties, and other activities have resulted in much goodwill as well as many missionary referrals.—Paul C. Pollei, Edgemont 21st Ward, Provo Utah Edgemont South Stake

Music has been an important part of Martin Klier’s life in the Church.