International Scout Delegate

    “International Scout Delegate,” Ensign, Apr. 2000, 73

    International Scout Delegate

    Jonathan D. Rodriguez, 23, from Plano, Texas, was selected by the Boy Scouts of America out of a field of 2,400 candidates as one of three delegates from the United States to attend the Second International Youth Gathering for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage held in Cairo, Egypt, in September 1999. The 10-day event was held to promote the exchange of knowledge about and respect for other cultures and to build respect for our world’s cultural heritage, including antiquities such as the pyramids and the Sphinx.

    The 50 delegates, chosen from various nations, were all Eagle Scouts who had demonstrated leadership both in and out of the Scouting program. They learned about Egyptian culture while making friends with many young men from different countries.

    “As the only Latter-day Saint, I was able to answer questions about the Church,” said Brother Rodriguez, who served a mission in Argentina. “Because I speak Spanish, I was able to talk to delegates from Spain, who had many questions about our beliefs.” Also, a young man from Canada became interested in the Church. “Because of similarities of background, we became close friends, and I was able to share my testimony with him,” adds Brother Rodriguez. He continues to correspond with these new friends and to tell them about the Church.

    He and his wife, Betsy, currently attend the Brigham Young University 140th Ward, Brigham Young University Sixth Stake.—Eline Rodriguez Tynes, Plano First Ward, Plano Texas Stake