“Comment,” Ensign, Jan. 2000, 80


    Becoming Part of the Fold

    After reading “Becoming Part of the Fold” in the June 1999 issue, I just had to comment about something that happened to me. I was new in the Church, and I decided to go on a baptism trip up to the Chicago temple. I remember my home teacher, Brother Richard Armstrong, went along too. On the trip from Indianapolis, he talked about a lot of Church doctrines and tried to prepare me for doing baptisms for the dead.

    Thanks to people like Brother Armstrong, I am still active in the Church and am very thankful to our Heavenly Father for bringing the truth to my children, me, and also my husband.

    Elaina Moyer Hazen
    Columbus, Ohio

    General Conference Index

    Just a thanks for the general conference index, which I use on the bus as I ride. For several years now, I’ve been circling the page numbers of the topics I want to review. During my travel I look back and find the topics discussed in the talks and study them. I feel I have benefitted more from these inspired words by using the conference issue index.

    Malcolm Koch
    Bountiful, Utah

    I Can Never Just Preview

    I have often delighted in the magnificence of the Ensign. I can never just preview it without reading two or three articles in the process. And I marvel at the fine quality of the pictures and unique and inspiring layouts. They deeply touch my soul. I thank the Church for this great gift to us all.

    Kathy Bikker
    Colorado Springs, Colorado

    “Light of the World”

    Thank you for the painting “The Light of the World” by Greg K. Olsen on the January 1999 Ensign cover. I am looking at a smiling Savior, a Christ whose face expresses a fatherly love. I see a Lord beholding the beauty of His own creations and marveling at the intelligence of His Father who taught Him. I see what is revealed in the scriptures, a Christ with a subtle sense of humor, one of His gifts that He no doubt used to draw listeners.

    I have seen portraits of Christ smiling at little children but never at the world, and why should He not smile at me? With all my wrinkles and gray hair, at 74 I am still his little child, needing tender instruction. This portrait reminds me that though I am far from perfect, through His great understanding, forgiveness, and patience my Savior is pleased at my meager attempts to become like Him.

    His smile is very encouraging. It is saying, “My child, I know you can do it.”

    Florence Hutchins
    Winston-Salem, North Carolina