Seventh Child

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“Seventh Child,” Ensign, Aug. 1999, 52

Seventh Child

Sarah would laugh

to think that I feel old,

yet understand better than I

the longing which gives you life

and overcomes the logic

that it has been too long

and six is sufficient

for seed as dust and stars.

Is it your desire

to come to earth

that makes me willing

to give you birth

and further fulfill God’s promise?

What blessing will you bring?

What mission will be yours

in this Saturday of time,

you who are Sarah’s increase

as well as mine?

Could I have kept completely

my mortal purpose and

consecration’s covenant

without you?

Sarah knew much of

altars aging,

offspring waiting,

missions and promises.

Now as we grow and wait,

she would teach us also faith.

Photo © Index Stock Imagery/G. Baden