Gospel Art at Home

    “Gospel Art at Home,” Ensign, July 1999, 71

    Gospel Art at Home

    To stimulate gospel discussions in our home, many mornings we randomly select a picture from the Gospel Art Picture Kit (item no. 34730, U.S. $14.25) and display it in the window above our kitchen table. Because the pictures depict many different gospel subjects, we never know what will be pulled out. During the day, family members look at the picture and sometimes even read the story or description found on the back of each one.

    At dinnertime we ask if anyone would like to comment on what the picture is about. We read the account on the back and discuss the story, including where it can be found in the scriptures. Then we talk about how the story might apply to us today.

    We have also found the pictures in the kit useful for family home evening, lesson preparation, or framing to beautify our home.—Jeanne Ellerbeck, Everett, Washington