Member Missionary

“Member Missionary,” Ensign, Oct. 1998, 68–69

Member Missionary

Ruben Delfor Luna, a doctor for more than 30 years in Mendoza, Argentina, prescribes doses of common sense based on gospel values along with his medicine. He carries a Book of Mormon with him when he makes his visits and has placed a number of them over the years.

Eight years ago Dr. Luna began visiting Uspallata, a village located 90 miles away in the mountains, to care for the sick. In addition to treating their outward afflictions, he often found himself treating their inner spirits with positive words of hope. Interest in Dr. Luna’s religion began to grow, but there were no missionaries to teach the people, and no branch of the Church was nearby.

Dr. Luna began a weekly 15-minute radio program to discuss important health concerns in the community. Each broadcast also included a message reflecting gospel teachings about life, the family, or finding happiness. The small village of Uspallata is so isolated that there are few things to do—except listen to the single radio station. Dr. Luna’s weekly messages soon became popular. Interest in the Church continued to grow, but there was still no way to establish a branch.

Under the direction of Argentina Mendoza Mission president Gordon K. Thomas, young adult members of the Maipu de Cuyo stake joined with missionaries and Dr. Luna in an activity in Uspallata, where they knocked on every door in town. Fifty referrals resulted from the day’s activity, and two missionaries were assigned to the area. Ten baptisms followed within a month, and the first seedlings of the Uspallata branch were planted.

“One of the most gratifying experiences of my profession is to complement traditional medicine with gospel principles,” says Dr. Luna. “I feel Heavenly Father has blessed me and helped me share the gospel with many people.”

Dr. Luna with his wife, María Rosa Luna.

Sunday School class in Uspallata, Argentina.