Helping Others Grow
February 1998

“Helping Others Grow,” Ensign, Feb. 1998, 68–69

Helping Others Grow

Dr. David Cobia, a professor of agricultural economics at North Dakota State University, is the recipient of the National Cooperative Education Award. The award was given in recognition for his efforts in helping farmers worldwide form cooperatives to purchase supplies and market their products.

“I get great satisfaction from seeing other people grow and develop,” says Brother Cobia about his work. “I’m able to see groups of individuals and companies do things together that they couldn’t do alone and still remain independent.”

Brother Cobia, who is director of the Quentin Burdick Center for Cooperatives, has written a textbook, Cooperatives in Agriculture, that has been used in courses throughout the world. His book has become known as the definitive manual for cooperatives. He has been sought out by farmers and political leaders from Japan, Sweden, and numerous other countries, and during the summer of 1997 he traveled to Ukraine to help teach independent farmers, governmental officials, and representatives of collective farms how to form cooperatives.

Brother Cobia says, “The gospel has influenced many of the specific things I teach and practice. For example, there are several scriptures on resolving conflicts that I use in classes and seminars.”

He has completed his 20th year as patriarch of the Fargo North Dakota Stake.—Lani Law, Fargo, North Dakota