Excerpts from Recent Addresses of President Gordon B. Hinckley
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“Excerpts from Recent Addresses of President Gordon B. Hinckley,” Ensign, Aug. 1996, 60–61

Excerpts from Recent Addresses of President Gordon B. Hinckley

Following are selected excerpts from public expressions and addresses given by President Gordon B. Hinckley during recent months, printed here for the benefit of Church members.

A World Church

“We are not an American church. We are not an English church. We are not a Japanese church. We are a world church with a world message and a world program, and our whole course is designed to help people, to lift them, to strengthen them—as has been said frequently, to make bad men good and good men better; to teach peace, the gospel of Christ; to try to exemplify the Golden Rule and a program of helpfulness to those in distress wherever they may be and whatever their circumstances” (interview with Susan Evans, BBC Radio 4, England, 26 Aug. 1995).

Our Dispensation

“This is the dispensation of the fulness of times. It is the greatest of all gospel dispensations, when all that was revealed in past generations has been revealed anew; and from this time forth it will move forward to cover the earth, in the due time of the Lord, and touch the lives and hearts of good people everywhere. There is nothing like this work anywhere else on earth” (fireside, Crawley, England, 26 Aug. 1995).

Universal Appeal of Gospel

“There is a universal appeal in the gospel of Jesus Christ. … We come from different parts of the world, we come out of a variety of cultures, but we are all sons and daughters of God, and when we listen, when we place ourselves in tune with His Holy Spirit, there is a response within our hearts that is similar, and we feel it. Each of us has felt it in our lives. And regardless of our source or home, we all respond in the same way” (London England Wandsworth Stake conference, 27 Aug. 1995).

Honor the Priesthood

“Brethren, you hold the priesthood of the Almighty. I hope that we honor it, that we live worthy of it, that we are the kind of men who are deserving of the inspiration of the Lord as we serve in His work. Are we what we ought to be? Are we good husbands—thoughtful, kind, respectful? Are we good fathers—gentle with our children, with love for them, respecting them as sons and daughters of God? Are we worthy to ‘speak in the name of God the Lord, even the Savior of the world’? [D&C 1:20]. I ask you, my brethren, to ponder that question in your hearts; and if there be any who do not measure up, change, turn around, and stand a little taller and be a little better as a son of God, as a husband in Israel, as a father of a family, that faith might increase in the earth” (creation of the Canterbury England Stake, 27 Aug. 1995).

Humanitarian Efforts

“I wish we could just expand our humanitarian efforts. This Church is doing a great work, far greater than people realize, in reaching out to people who are not members of the Church across the world. I wish we had more that we could give more” (Church News, 7 June 1995).

Family Ideals

“The Church is a constant in a world of change. It is an anchor in a world of shifting values. It emphasizes the importance of the family, and all of us have to know that family life is unraveling across the world. We are holding on to the family. We are trying to strengthen the family. We teach family ideals. We have a great program for the development of family solidarity that is satisfying a human need and offers hope to many, many people who are desperately looking for something as fathers and mothers, as they see their children moving in the direction of drugs and other things. Divorce is rampant across the world, and growing. There is need for stability. The family is the basic organization of society. A nation can be no stronger than the strength of its families” (interview with Lawrence Spicer, London News Service, 28 Aug. 1995).

Working with Those of Other Faiths

“We recognize the good in all churches. We recognize the value of religion generally. We say to everyone: live the teachings which you have received from your church. We invite you to come and learn from us, to see if we can add to those teachings and enhance your life and your understanding of things sacred and divine. Now we work with people of other faiths on common causes, many of them across the world. We recognize theological differences. We believe that we can disagree theologically without being disagreeable, and we hope to do so. We have been rather careful about surrendering in any way our doctrinal standards, anything of that kind as part of an ecumenical effort, but we certainly have worked with people, and do work with people, and want to work with other groups in tackling common social problems, things of that kind which are so much in need of attention these days throughout the world” (interview with Lawrence Spicer, London News Service, 28 Aug. 1995).

Church Callings

“Whether it be teaching a class, whether it be serving as a home teacher, whether it be serving as a Church officer, whether it be working as a missionary, serving in the temple, or any such thing, it deserves our best effort. There is nothing unimportant about any call in this Church. Every call is important. When we all do our duty working together, the whole Church moves forward in an orderly and wonderful fashion” (Church News, 1 Sept. 1995).


“As we partake of the sacrament we all stand on a level plane before the Lord. Each is accountable for what he does as he renews his covenants with the Lord in that magnificent and beautiful and simple ordinance of the gospel which carries with it such tremendous meaning. I am grateful for this opportunity” (sacrament meeting, Eagle Gate Seventh Ward, Salt Lake Eagle Gate Stake, 17 Sept. 1995).

Sabbath Day

“If you have any doubt about the wisdom, the divinity of observing the Sabbath day, stay away from the stores on Sunday, stay away from the markets, stay home and gather your family about you. Teach them the gospel, enjoy yourselves together on the Sabbath day, come to your meetings, participate. You will know that the principle of the Sabbath is a true principle which brings with it great blessings” (sacrament meeting, Promontory Branch, Tremonton Utah South Stake, 15 Oct. 1995).


“I want to give you my testimony of this work, and I want to say it in such a way that you can remember that I said it. I know this work is true. I know that God our Eternal Father lives. I am thankful for the knowledge that He loves us as His children. I am grateful that I feel in my heart a great love for Him. I know He lives, my Father in Heaven. I can scarcely comprehend the wonder of it all. He who is the Creator and Governor of the universe knows me, knows you, each of you children here today. He knows you, He loves you, He is concerned for you. I know that Jesus is my Redeemer, my Lord, my Savior. I know that. I can’t comprehend the full meaning of the Atonement, but I know that through His sacrifice He has made it possible for you and for me to live eternal lives of growth and knowledge and understanding and work, regardless of whether it’s on this side of the veil or on the other side of the veil” (sacrament meeting, Promontory Branch, Tremonton Utah South Stake, 15 Oct. 1995).

Keep Faith with the Church

“The Church is the great teacher and builder of values. Its precepts are designed to lead men and women along the way of immortality and eternal life, to make their lives more complete, more rich and happy while moving through this vale of tears, and in preparing them for the beauties and wonders of that which lies ahead. Keep faith with the Church. It is true. It is divine. He who stands at its head is the Lord Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of the world. It is the church of the Almighty which carries the name of His Divine Son. Its earthly leaders are those who are called of God under a plan which He put in place” (Brigham Young University devotional, Provo, Utah, 17 Oct. 1995).

Be Faithful

“Do we have frailties? Yes, of course we do. Do we have members of the Church who are not what they ought to be? Of course we do. Some of them may be your neighbors. You might have one for a roommate. Do not condemn the Church for that. Rather, you say to yourself, ‘My membership in this Church is worth more than all of the evil that people can do to me,’ if that is what it takes. You be faithful; be true” (Ricks College regional conference, Rexburg, Idaho, 29 Oct. 1995).

An Exciting and Wonderful Work

“Let us go forward in this glorious work. How exciting and wonderful it is. I do not know how anybody can feel gloomy for very long who is a member of this Church. Do you feel gloomy? Lift your eyes. Stand on your feet. Say a few words of appreciation and love to the Lord. Be positive. Think of what great things are occurring as the Lord brings to pass His eternal purposes. This is a day of prophecy fulfilled, my brothers and sisters, this great day in the history of this Church. This is the day of which has been spoken of by those who have gone before us. Let us live worthy of our birthright. Keep the faith. Nurture your testimonies. Walk in righteousness and the Lord will bless you and prosper you, and you will be a happy and wonderful people” (Sandy Utah Cottonwood Creek Stake conference, 3 Dec. 1995).