Our Day of Sowing

“Our Day of Sowing,” Ensign, June 1995, 62–63

Our Day of Sowing

It was Sunday, and the brethren of the Constitucion Ward, Guadalajara Mexico Union Stake, were convened in priesthood meeting. The elders were listening to a lesson by the quorum president, a gifted teacher. Among those present were a newly ordained elder and his father, who was returning to church after a long period of inactivity.

The lesson that day was on the elders quorum itself. “What is a priesthood quorum?” the president asked, and the brethren in the class gave several responses. It is like a family, they said, and the brethren in the quorum should be genuinely concerned about one another’s welfare and be willing to help as needed.

As bishop of the ward, I joined the group in time to hear the end of the lesson. Raising my hand, I asked for permission to speak. “I’ve just learned this morning that Brother Noriega, one of our quorum members, has not been able to get the machinery he needs to plant his crops,” I said. “Since the rains have already begun, it is urgent that the seeds be planted right away. Brother Noriega could run the risk of not getting his crops planted because he is elderly and doesn’t have anyone to help him.”

I suggested that we all help Brother Noriega plant his seeds the next day. Certainly all of us together could do the job, even without the needed farm machinery. Everybody became excited about this opportunity to put the day’s lesson into practice, and the quorum president made the necessary arrangements.

The next day, Brother Noriega was waiting for us with tools and seeds. He hadn’t been able to sleep, he said, knowing that the elders quorum was coming to help him. While some of the brethren cleared the ground, others broke the soil or dropped in seeds and covered them. Two of the most enthusiastic participants were the recently activated member and his son.

It was dark when we finished our task. Dirty and weary, we had blisters on our hands and thorns in our clothes. But we all felt great satisfaction in having served one of our brethren—and we felt that we had really learned the meaning of our lesson in priesthood meeting. Brother Noriega expressed his gratitude, saying that he felt young and strong again as he worked side by side with his brothers in the quorum. The newly activated man also said that taking part had given him new strength and courage.

Just as we were leaving, rain began to fall, and soon we were all wet. But we felt that the shower was a blessing. Heaven’s rain was just what we needed to truly complete our day of sowing.

Illustrated by Gregg Thorkelson

Illustrated by Robert McKay