Policies and Announcements
May 1995

“Policies and Announcements,” Ensign, May 1995, 112

Policies and Announcements

The following instructions have been sent to general and local priesthood leaders:

In order to maintain a uniformity throughout the Church and provide an identity for Primary children, the Primary age-groups will have the following names: ages eighteen months through three years are Sunbeams; ages four through seven are CTR; and ages eight through eleven are Valiant.

Even though all of the classes in the age-group use the same manual, they should not be grouped together for class instruction. There may be circumstances where the needs of students in an individual class of one or two children or the unavailability of classrooms will require combining classes. However, these are the exceptions and should not become the rule.

The following is from the Church Bulletin, 1994–2:

Blessing, Baptism, and Priesthood Ordination Certificates

Priesthood leaders should ensure that members who received the ordinances of the blessing of a child, baptism, and priesthood ordination receive certificates for these ordinances as soon as possible. These certificates are a member’s only Church source for the names of those who performed their blessing and baptism and for determining their priesthood line of authority. The names of those who perform blessings of children and other ordinances are no longer recorded on membership records or kept by the Church. Priesthood leaders should encourage the safekeeping of the certificates and instruct recipients that the certificates may be irreplaceable if lost or destroyed.


Primary age-groups worldwide have standard class names. (Photo by Craig Dimond.)