Parent’s Guide Translated
February 1995

“Parent’s Guide Translated,” Ensign, Feb. 1995, 80

Parent’s Guide Translated

Teaching children about physical intimacy and procreative powers is the responsibility of parents and can be a challenging matter. A guidebook to help parents with this important responsibility was prepared by the Church some time ago. Recently it has been translated into fifteen different languages to help parents throughout the world successfully teach their children.

A Parent’s Guide (no. 31125) was created as supplementary information to the Family Home Evening Resource Book. It outlines basic principles on the purposes of families and offers suggestions on how to teach children righteous intimacy throughout all the stages of their childhood and adolescence. The fifty-two-page booklet includes specifics on teaching infants and toddlers, children ages four to eleven, adolescents and teenagers, and young adults as they enter the courtship and marriage years. The booklet has been prepared to help parents teach their children about physical intimacies and to prepare them to follow the Lord’s plan in expressing their own intimacy.

“However, this guide is about more than intimacy,” says Wayne Lynn, manager of basic curriculum planning and development for the Church. “It’s about strengthening family values and relationships.”

The guide points out that there are many different kinds of intimacy and that intimacy is intended to occur in righteousness with the intent to strengthen relationships and convey genuine love and concern.

In addition to the English edition, the guide is available in Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, and Spanish. It is also available for individuals who are blind.