Service Sustains Her
January 1995

“Service Sustains Her,” Ensign, Jan. 1995, 69

Service Sustains Her

Since being left with seven children to care for when her husband, John, died of cancer in 1991, Maureen Ward of Stamford, England, has served in Primary, Young Women, and Relief Society, as well as giving voluntary service in the schools, where she shares her artistic skills. And for many years now, she has picked up an elderly sister and driven her to church.

Maureen, well known for her skills as a seamstress, makes wedding dresses. To go with them, she has also learned to make beautiful wedding cakes. Both are expressions of her love of family. As she has endured the years of trials, both before and after John’s death, she has come to realize that “whatever you learn, you must follow, a thought that has sustained me over and over again.”—Jennie Patterson, Stamford, Lincolnshire, England