Faded Wedding Pictures
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“Faded Wedding Pictures,” Ensign, Aug. 1994, 45

Faded Wedding Pictures

The waistlines have thickened, the hairlines have thinned;

Wrinkles now settle where dimples once grinned.

The man at my side not so thin or so young,

His hands scarred and calloused from the work that they’ve done.

The sacred promises agreed to that day

Have not been neglected; in fact, I can say,

Through the struggles, blessings, and children we’ve had,

We’ve shared happy moments and learned from the sad.

Sometimes it’s important to stop and admit

When the old-fashioned wedding gown doesn’t quite fit.

The diamond ring has been missing for ages,

And faded pictures rest beneath yellowed pages.

That’s when the same couple who’ve withstood the weather

Realize they’ve grown in love with each other.

Photography by Jed Clark