Harmony in the Home
July 1994

“Harmony in the Home,” Ensign, July 1994, 73

Harmony in the Home

For more than a year now, our family has enjoyed a nightly tradition—we sing songs together. Our singing time has become a favorite time for everyone in the family.

In January I make a list of twelve hymns and Primary songs for our family to learn during the year. By focusing on one song a month, we fill our home with the sweet spirit that comes from singing Primary songs and hymns. Every night before scripture study and family prayer, we sing the song or hymn we’ve chosen for that month. The results have been wonderful.

Our family now knows many hymns and Primary songs that we can sing together. Some of our happiest moments are spent singing as a family—and not just at night. We sing throughout the day as well. And we have found that our nightly singing helps even our youngest children feel more reverent for scripture reading and family prayer. Seeing smiles of delight appear on the faces of my little boys when we sing a familiar song in church makes the learning and singing of hymns at home even more worthwhile.—Kimberly LeBaron, Caliente, Nevada