Church Pageant Schedule

    “Church Pageant Schedule,” Ensign, May 1994, 110

    Church Pageant Schedule

    A schedule of Church pageants has been announced for 1994. Here are performance dates and locations:

    June 22–25, Independence, Missouri: “A Frontier Story—1883” at Independence Visitors’ Center.

    July 7–9, 12–16, Manti, Utah: “Mormon Miracle” on Manti Temple grounds.

    July 8–9, 12–16, Palmyra, New York: “America’s Witness for Christ” at Hill Cumorah.

    July 28–30, August 2–6, Castle Dale, Utah: Castle Valley Pageant at Mountain Amphitheater.

    July 29–30, August 2–6, Nauvoo, Illinois: “City of Joseph” on hillside adjacent to Nauvoo Visitors’ Center.

    August 12–13, 16–20, Clarkston, Utah: “Martin Harris, the Man Who Knew” at amphitheater in Clarkston cemetery.

    December 18–25, Calgary, Alberta: Calgary Nativity Pageant at Heritage Park.

    Additional details about any of the pageants may be obtained by calling (801) 240-2767 or by writing to Church Pageants, 430 West 400 North, Salt Lake City, Utah 84103, USA.

    Hill Cumorah pageant