Policies and Announcements
November 1993

“Policies and Announcements,” Ensign, Nov. 1993, 110

Policies and Announcements

Institute Opportunities Enhanced for Young People

The First Presidency has released the following announcement:

“Careful study has shown that the opportunities for young people enrolled at institutes of religion are enhanced greatly when larger numbers participate and when they associate together in their social and service activities and religious education.

“To improve this opportunity for our young people, we announce the following modifications to prior instructions:

“1. All non-student young single adults eighteen through thirty who live in the immediate area of an institute of religion are invited to enroll in the institute and to participate with other students in the religious education classes and the social and service activities of this important Church program.

“2. The Latter-day Saint Student Association will now be administered by the Church Educational System.”


Young people benefit from attendng institute classes.