Ground Breaking for Colombia Temple
October 1993

“Ground Breaking for Colombia Temple,” Ensign, Oct. 1993, 80

Ground Breaking for Colombia Temple

Church leaders expressed gratitude for the temple soon to be built in Bogotá, Colombia, at the recent ground-breaking ceremony.

Regional representatives, mission and stake presidents, and Church employees and their spouses met with Elder William R. Bradford, then president of the South America North Area, and his counselors, Elders Julio E. Dávila and Eduardo Ayala for the June 26 ground breaking.

The ground was broken by Elders Bradford, Dávila, and Ayala—all members of the Seventy.

Elder Bradford encouraged the members to create a civilization of the pure in heart, to care for the poor, to pray often, and to attend the temple. “For [sealing families together,] we construct temples. … We know by revelation that this is the only manner in which families are able to be eternal and … have relationships continue forever.

“The Lord has blessed us with a temple. Let us feel the urgency of this great work,” he said.

In the prayer, Elder Bradford said, “Now as we break ground to construct the temple here, we know that we are doing a sacred work. … We know that the work to be done in this holy temple will bring peace and salvation. It will bind up the wounds and give hope to the oppressed. It will reach back through generations of time and seal up the dead unto thee and thy salvation.”

Several other buildings will be constructed near the Colombia Temple, including patron housing that will accommodate members traveling long distances in the temple district, which covers Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela.

The Bogotá temple was announced by President Gordon B. Hinckley on 7 April 1984. The temple site was announced on 28 May 1988 by the First Presidency.