Dinner Out—at Home

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“Dinner Out—at Home,” Ensign, Feb. 1993, 63

Dinner Out—at Home

With a family of six children, we seldom go out to eat. But because we want to give our children that experience, every few months we create our own “restaurant” at home.

We set up several card tables near the dining room table and get out the china, cloth napkins, tablecloths, numerous forks, and glass pitchers of lemon water. We put flowers on the tables and play soft music to create the atmosphere of a restaurant.

To let our children experience ordering food, I make up a menu and photocopy it for each person, giving several different names for each item. This offers a choice without my having to cook each person something different. Then, with pad and pencil, I take each person’s order.

The dividends of the two or three hours it takes to prepare are well worth the time. Now it’s less hassle to go out to eat because the children have learned how it is done. Another benefit is that we have a chance to enjoy a relaxed meal together—which doesn’t often happen with our busy and varied schedules.—Mary Ann Johnson, Laurel, Montana

Illustrated by Brent Christison

Photography by Jay Drowns