This Organization Was Formed …

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“This Organization Was Formed … ,” Ensign, June 1992, 61

This Organization Was Formed …

When I was young, the growing up don’ts and whys

would squint my eyes with questions. Mama would

hug me and reply, “It’s according to our natures.”

According to her nature, she took me to the happy-

time hide-under quilts, and all the sisters smiling

in their stitchings. And when a sister took down sick

Mama was very quick to take warm loaves of love

from “Relief Society.” I was very unsuspecting

that Mama was selecting me to help serve

a meal and share our love and care in homes

both bright and drab. I always thought Mama

just went to gab, until I got closer to her twenty-nine

and it became my time to be in others’ homes to

visit teach. No one had to preach, for I knew

it was “according to our natures.”

Photo by Jed Clark