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“Contents,” Ensign, May 1992, 3


May 1992

Volume 22 Number 5

On the cover: The Sacred Grove, by Greg K. Olsen, oil, 24″ x 48″, 1991. Courtesy of Blake and Nancy Roney.

Inside front cover: View Down Little Cottonwood, by Al Rounds, watercolor, 50″ x 45″, 1988. Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Bushnell. Looking westward from a vantage point in Little Cottonwood Canyon, one sees the Salt Lake Valley and the Jordan River Temple below.

Inside back cover: Christ Blesses the Children, by Robert T. Barrett, oil, 22″ by 28″, 1990.

[illustrations, photos] Visuals in this issue feature artwork of the Savior’s life, by Paul Gustave Doré, from an 1866 folio Bible. Photos of conference were taken by Jed A. Clark, Welden Andersen, Phil Shurtleff, Craig Dimond, John Luke, Melanie Shumway, and Matt Reier.