Poland Expresses Thanks for Medical Supplies
November 1991

“Poland Expresses Thanks for Medical Supplies,” Ensign, Nov. 1991, 111

Poland Expresses Thanks for Medical Supplies

Andrezej Kozakiewicz, assistant to President Lech Walesa of Poland, has sent a letter to the general Relief Society headquarters offering his country’s thanks for donations to the Polish people.

The Relief Society’s contributions were part of a shipment of textiles and medical supplies sent to Poland earlier this year through an international effort known as the Medical Aid for Poland Fund.

The Relief Society donated quilts, blankets, and clothing. These and other donations in Utah were coordinated through Intermountain Health Care and were sent to the city of Katowice in southern Poland, which is the distribution center for medical supplies.

Mr. Kozakiewicz expressed “heartfelt gratitude” and wrote that the relief effort had “scored a ‘home run’ in supplying much-needed health-care assistance to our people.”