Giving and Receiving

    “Giving and Receiving,” Ensign, Aug. 1991, 70

    Giving and Receiving

    Aurora Troutman of St. Johns, Arizona, has learned much about service—both in giving help and in receiving it. Sister Troutman has been helped and has done much helping since joining the Church. She is convinced that members would have a greater ability to assist each other if all were willing to admit they sometimes need help.

    After growing up near Guadalajara, Mexico, where her father was a businessman, Aurora Arrendondo Troutman moved to Los Angeles. From there, she and her family found their way to St. Johns.

    Aurora’s oldest daughter, Sandra, played sports with a lot of Latter-day Saint girls. As time went on, Sandra became more involved and even went to Church events. Then Aurora’s second daughter, Jodi, also began attending. When Sandra wanted to be baptized, Aurora decided that it was time to look into the Church.

    Aurora had added motivation to consider joining the Church. Her husband had an alcohol problem and had left the family. His problem—and the problems the family faced after he left—convinced Aurora that they needed help.

    “I wanted a better life for my little family,” explains Aurora. So, after Sandra’s baptism, Aurora began receiving the missionary lessons. “I have found great strength in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Mormons are so kind and try hard to be good people.”

    Aurora feels much support from the members of the Church. Rearing five children as a single mother after a difficult marriage dissolved has not been easy. “During those critical years with lots of sorrow,” recalls Aurora, “I turned to others trustingly and openly, but how I wish others would willingly open up with their problems, too.

    “It seems that some people prefer to act as though they have no problems as they focus on yours. I think it would be better for both if those who attempt to help would share their challenges with those they help. I know I would appreciate it, and I would even feel better about myself.”

    “If only all members were confident enough to be our real selves, I believe we could do more good for each other,” she says sincerely. “I am working hard to learn from my mistakes. St. Johns has been a growing place for us, and I hope to keep growing.”

    Aurora Troutman: Being open about her trials endears her to others. (Photography by Joey Grant.)