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“Contents,” Ensign, May 1991, 3


May 1991

Volume 21 Number 5

On the cover: Downtown Salt Lake City. Buildings shown include the Salt Lake Temple (right of center, front cover); the Hotel Utah, which is currently being remodeled (left of center, front cover); and the Church Office Building (left, back cover). Photography by Alan Yorgason.

Inside front cover: The Assembly Hall, by Rebecca W. Hartvigsen, 11″ by 15″, watercolor, 1990. Courtesy of Mary Kay Stout. Construction on Temple Square’s Assembly Hall was begun in 1877; the building was dedicated in January 1882. In 1983, the building was rededicated after renovations, in which much of it was restored to its original appearance.

Inside back cover: Joseph Smith in Liberty Jail, by Greg K. Olsen, 30″ by 40″, oil, 1990. Courtesy of Jack and Marie Lake. The Prophet Joseph Smith was incarcerated in Missouri’s Liberty Jail for nearly five months, from December 1838 through most of April 1839. While there, he received the revelation known today as Doctrine and Covenants 121–122.

[illustrations, photos] Visuals in this issue feature artwork of the Savior’s life, by Paul Gustave Doré, from an 1866 folio Bible. Photos of conference were taken by Jed A. Clark, Welden Andersen, Phil Shurtleff, Craig Dimond, John Luke, and Peggy Jellinghausen.