New Young Women Guidebook Available

    “New Young Women Guidebook Available,” Ensign, Dec. 1990, 66

    New Young Women Guidebook Available

    A new Young Women Leadership Guidebook has been released. Prepared to assist adult Young Women leaders in their responsibility to train youth leaders in the duties of their callings, the new guidebook contains information that can increase the effectiveness of youth leaders.

    “Our youth today have a need to feel that they are valued and that they can contribute,” pointed out Young Women general president Ardeth G. Kapp. “They need to know that they have not only an opportunity, but a responsibility, to be leaders. The lessons outlined in this guidebook will contribute in a major way to helping meet those needs.”

    The guidebook consists of twenty-three one-page lesson outlines. Topics range from spiritual preparation to using an agenda, and from delegating to creating a spirit of unity in the class presidency.

    Each lesson outline includes principles, goals, and specific scriptures pertaining to the lesson topic. Outlines also include suggested study steps and follow-up hints.

    These lessons can be taught in class presidency meetings or in special leadership training meetings. On occasion, leadership training sessions can be conducted for all young women.

    The guidebook is a revised and updated version of a similar manual used in 1977–78. Work on the revisions has been ongoing for the last three years, President Kapp reports.

    “These are simple guides to teach principles of leadership skills and application of those skills. The lessons also provide ways in which youth might practice the skills under adult direction,” she says.

    The guidebook is now available at Church distribution centers.