September 1990

“Contents,” Ensign, Sept. 1990, 1


September 1990

Volume 20 Number 9

On the cover: Photos of the Raban family (front cover) and the Brown family’s cattle drive (back cover) by Craig Dimond. Backdrop photo by Wayne Davis.

Inside front cover: Joseph Smith Reading by Candlelight, by Robert T. Barrett, 18″ by 24″, oil, 1988. Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Gene Hughes. The Lord declared that the Prophet Joseph Smith “translated the book [of Mormon], even that part which I have commanded him, and as your Lord and your God liveth it is true.” (D&C 17:6.)

Inside back cover: BYU Campus, by Al Rounds, 20″ by 26″, watercolor, 1986. Courtesy of the Brigham Young University Alumni Association. Established in 1875, the Church’s Brigham Young University is the largest private university in the United States, with 500 buildings on 638 acres. In the lower left corner is the old Brigham Young Academy. Above it is the N. Eldon Tanner Building. Farther right and above is the Spencer W. Kimball Tower. The Provo Temple, center, is northeast of campus.