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“Contents,” Ensign, May 1990, 3


May 1990

Volume 20 Number 5

On the cover: The Empty Tomb, by Clark Kelley Price, 29″ by 30″, oil, 1989. Courtesy of Dennis and Diane West.

Inside front cover: Tabernacle on Temple Square, by Rebecca Hartvigsen, 17″ by 14″, watercolor, 1987. Courtesy of Dale and Jane Madsen.

Inside back cover: The Salt Lake Temple, By Larry Winborg, 24″ by 30″, oil, 1989. Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Burrows.

[photos, illustrations] Visuals in this issue feature photos of conference and art depicting the premortal Lord communicating with mankind. All conference photography is by Audiovisual Planning and Development, Photo Section: Jed A. Clark (supervisor), Welden Andersen, Phil Shurtleff, Craig Dimond, and John Luke, and Peggy Jellinghausen, Eldon Linschoten, and Ed Thomas.