Typhoon Hits Three Islands
April 1990

“Typhoon Hits Three Islands,” Ensign, Apr. 1990, 75

Typhoon Hits Three Islands

Two Church members were reported injured during a typhoon that struck Western Samoa, American Samoa, and Niue in the Cook Islands early in February.

President Polisi Fitisemanu of the Samoa Apia Mission reported that all missionaries were safe, despite the 200-mile-per-hour winds that swept the island.

Three people were killed in the storm. Power was knocked out, and many roads were left impassable.

With crops destroyed and supplies short, the Area Presidency authorized shipments of commodities from Australia and the United States to help meet needs in the areas affected. One early report estimated that thousands of Church members might need assistance for several weeks.

There was no initial report of damage to the temple, but the damage to other Church property in Western Samoa alone was estimated at $3 million. There was also heavy damage to members’ private property.