The ‘No-Haircut’ Haircut

    “The ‘No-Haircut’ Haircut,” Ensign, Apr. 1989, 71

    The “No-Haircut” Haircut

    Do strangers on the street look for Scooby-Doo when your husband, son, or brother passes by? Do the neighbors get nervous on nights with a full moon? Perhaps it’s time to help your guy get rid of the shaggy look when he is between trips to the barber. The task is relatively simple when you give him a “no-haircut” haircut.

    Hair grows approximately one-half inch each month, so you’ll need to do minor trimming in a couple of key spots, namely the bangs and neckline. Trim his bangs level with his eyebrows or barely above them. Then shave his neck—but avoid cutting into his hairline.

    With this minor barbering, his hair will look neat again. The results will look professional, and he will beg you to give him a “no-haircut” haircut again.—Mariam J. Grisham, cosmetologist, West Jordan, Utah