See-and-Do Chores

    “See-and-Do Chores,” Ensign, Jan. 1989, 66

    See-and-Do Chores

    I was beginning to feel like the household nag. Every morning and evening I had to prompt our young sons through every step of their chores. Then I had an idea for helping them develop responsibility and a sense of independence.

    I made two charts and taped them to their bedroom wall at their eye level. One has a sun to designate morning chores, the other a yawning moon to indicate evening responsibilities. Down the left side of each chart are large numbers. To the right of each number is a picture of a stick person performing a required chore: for example, brushing teeth or making the bed. (Pictures from magazines can also symbolize or show each chore being performed.) Next to the charts I attached another sheet of paper with a series of boxes that the boys check off as each chore is completed.

    When the boxes are filled, I discard the sheet and attach a blank one next to each chart.—Anna Stout, Rolling Meadows, Illinois