July 1988

“Contents,” Ensign, July 1988, 1


July 1988

Volume 18 Number 7

On the cover: The Trek West, © by Harold I. Hopkinson, 24″ by 48″, oil, 1986.

Inside front cover: Setting Up Camp, by Gregory Sievers, 18″ by 24″, oil, 1985. Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tucker.

Inside back cover: Charity, by Harold I. Hopkinson, 24″ by 36″, oil on canvas, 1984. Courtesy of Grant Marsh. In October 1856, the Martin Handcart Company—about five hundred people—ran into heavy snow in the Wyoming highlands. A rescue party sent by Brigham Young helped them reach the Sweetwater River, but most were too weak to cross. Three eighteen-year-old boys from the rescue party, C. Allen Huntington, George W. Grant, and David P. Kimball, carried nearly every member of the handcart company across the freezing river. In later years, the three men died from complications arising from their heroic act.