Family Facts and Fancies

“Family Facts and Fancies,” Ensign, Apr. 1988, 67

Family Facts and Fancies

Our family has started some projects that motivate us to keep our journals up-to-date—projects that benefit the entire family.

For our Golden Wedding three years ago, we published our family story, Facts and Fancies. We asked each of our children to contribute a chapter using events and quotations from their journals, and included stories and journal excerpts from our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. We bound the chapters, along with lots of pictures, and gave one to each family member.

Another project we started is a circulating letter sent around the family at regular—or irregular—intervals. When the packet comes around to each child, he replaces his old letter with a new one, then files the old letter in his journal.

We’ve had fun keeping our journals and feel rewarded that we can use them for good purposes.—Caroline Eyring Miner, Salt Lake City, Utah