Policies and Announcements
August 1987

“Policies and Announcements,” Ensign, Aug. 1987, 80

Policies and Announcements

The following announcement was sent in a letter dated 19 May 1987 to priesthood leaders:

Memorization of Articles of Faith

The First Presidency desires that Primary children learn the Articles of Faith—a goal that most young people can reach. Therefore, beginning immediately, the requirements for the Primary Gospel in Action award will be modified. To receive the award, Merrie Miss girls and Blazer boys will be required, as their abilities allow, to repeat all the Articles of Faith from memory and to explain their meaning to the teacher. This qualification will be added to the present requirement to complete one experience in each of four areas.

This change in the award requirements will be reflected in forthcoming reprints of the Gospel in Action card and the Blazer and Merrie Miss manuals.

May the Lord bless you as you teach gospel principles to these precious children.

The letter was signed by Elder Howard W. Hunter, Acting President, Quorum of the Twelve.