President Benson Receives Pacemaker
January 1987

“President Benson Receives Pacemaker,” Ensign, Jan. 1987, 74

President Benson Receives Pacemaker

President Ezra Taft Benson underwent successful surgery November 6 for implantation of an artificial pacemaker for his heart.

President Benson’s doctors performed the minor surgery by making a small incision in President Benson’s left upper chest area. Electrodes were placed through a vein into his heart, one into the lower right pumping chamber and the other in the upper collecting chamber. The pacemaker, implanted just under the skin, is the most sophisticated type available for this situation, doctors said.

A pacemaker is a device that electronically maintains the heart’s rhythm at a normal, regular pace. President Benson had been experiencing some episodes during which his heartbeat was irregular, according to his cardiologist, Dr. Allan H. Barker.

The procedure was not the result of an emergency, but had been contemplated for some time to improve the function of President Benson’s heart.

After the operation, President Benson made a normal recovery and was released to his home on Saturday, November 8. He returned to work at his office the following week.