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“Contents,” Ensign, Nov. 1986, 3


November 1986

Volume 16 Number 11

On the cover: Photography by Steve Bunderson.

Inside front cover: The New Zealand Temple, photography by Michael M. McConkie.

Five miles south of Hamilton, in Tuhikaramea, stands the New Zealand Temple, on property adjacent to the Church College of New Zealand. Ground was broken for the building 21 December 1955, and it was dedicated nearly two and one-half years later, 20 April 1958, by President David O. McKay.

Inside back cover: The Manila Philippines Temple, photography by Michael M. McConkie.

The Manila Philippines Temple, dedicated 25–27 September 1984 by President Gordon B. Hinckley, sits on a three and one-half acre hilltop plot. Located on recently renamed Temple Drive, the building overlooks the Marikina Valley.

Photography in this issue features scenes of conference. All conference photography is by Audiovisual Planning and Development, Photo Section: Michael M. McConkie, chief photographer; Eldon K. Linschoten; Marty Mayo; Jed A. Clark.