Denver Colorado Temple to be Dedicated
October 1986

“Denver Colorado Temple to be Dedicated,” Ensign, Oct. 1986, 79

Denver Colorado Temple to be Dedicated

An open house for the general public to visit the newly completed Denver Colorado Temple is scheduled for September 8–27, excluding Sundays, according to the First Presidency.

Following the open house, the temple will be closed to the public and prepared for a series of private dedicatory services set for October 24–28. The first dedicatory service is scheduled for Friday, October 24, at 9 A.M., and there will be eighteen subsequent services over the five-day period to accommodate as many members of the Church as possible.

The 27,000-square-foot structure, situated south of Denver in Arapahoe County, will be the Church’s fortieth operating temple after its dedication. Plans for the temple were announced in the spring of 1982, and construction began in late 1984. Temple President Raymond A. Kimball will preside over the new facility.

The Denver temple will serve approximately eighty-five thousand members of the Church in Colorado and parts of South Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, North Dakota, and Wyoming.