44 New Filmstrips Help Teach Gospel Basics

“44 New Filmstrips Help Teach Gospel Basics,” Ensign, Sept. 1986, 79

44 New Filmstrips Help Teach Gospel Basics

A series of forty-four new filmstrips for teaching gospel principles will be available this fall through the Church Educational System.

The filmstrips can be shown by themselves or used with a new teacher manual to teach different principles in a classroom situation. The filmstrips are also suitable for use during family home evenings. The manual, Teaching the Topics and Themes (stock no. PBSI1099), is part of the Church Educational System Beginning Course, which offers an elementary approach to teaching the gospel.

The filmstrip series will be available as a package of two videocassettes (stock no. VNVV1783) priced at about $16.00, or as a package of forty-four filmstrips (stock no. PBSI1102) at around $40.00. Initially, the videocassettes will be offered in VHS format only, with Beta-format cassettes available later.

Each filmstrip teaches only one basic idea or gospel theme, such as baptism by immersion, or honoring and obeying parents.

The filmstrips were developed by the Specialized Curriculum department of the Church Educational System to meet the needs of beginning students or handicapped students. The materials will soon be available with captions for the hearing-impaired and for beginning readers.

Either the filmstrips or the videocassettes can be ordered through local Church distribution centers, or by writing the Salt Lake Distribution Center, 1999 West 1700 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84104.