February 1986

“Appointments,” Ensign, Feb. 1986, 77


Temple President

Alma P. Burton, a sealer at the Provo Temple and former professor of Church history at Brigham Young University, has been called to preside over the Manti Temple. His wife, Clea M. Burton, will serve as temple matron.

Area General Board

Helen Fyans has been called as an area general board representative for the South America South Area. She will serve as a representative of the Primary, Young Women, and Relief Society in the area, joining the other members of the board called earlier. (See Ensign, Aug. 1985, p. 79.) Sister Fyans has extensive experience in Church callings. She is married to Elder J. Thomas Fyans of the First Quorum of the Seventy and Area President of the South America South Area.

Mission President

Lynn J. Thomsen, an Anaheim, California, realtor and building contractor, has been called to preside over the Illinois Nauvoo Mission. He is a former stake high councilor and temple worker. He succeeds Dr. J. LeRoy Kimball, who will continue as president of Nauvoo Restoration, Inc.

Regional Representatives

Osorno and La Cisterna Chile regions, Wilfredo Lopez, a businessman and former stake president and president’s counselor.

Provo Utah West Region, William Duncan Oswald, a Salt Lake City attorney and former counselor in the Sunday School general presidency and stake high councilor.

Stake Presidents

Lisbon Portugal Stake, Vitor Manuel Pereira Martins; Topeka Kansas Stake, Carver Dean Long; Great Falls Montana East Stake, Brian Loyal Pfile; Cape Girardeau Missouri Stake (new, from a division of the Fairview Heights Illinois Stake and the St. Louis Missouri South Stake), David Emer Payne; Fairview Heights Illinois Stake, Joseph Howard Gossett; Vancouver Washington North Stake (new, from a division of the Vancouver Washington Stake and the Vancouver Washington West Stake), Bruce A. Schreiner.

Mexico City Mexico Chapultepec Stake, Alberto Ruiz (Salas); Frankfurt Germany Stake, Dieter Uchtdorf; Akron Ohio Stake, Donald Lee Tobler; Glendale Arizona North Stake, Thomas Glenn Jones; Joinville Brazil Stake, Antonio M. Rodrigues Lemos; Florianopolis Brazil Stake (new, from a division of the Joinville Brazil Stake), Cesar Augusto Seigwer Milder; Temple View New Zealand Stake, Walter Philip Hague; Salt Lake Rose Park Stake, Donald Gene Holtry.

London Ontario Stake, Ross Harry McEachran; Mobile Alabama stake, Robert L. Constantine; Monterrey Mexico Anahuac Stake, Elpidio Contreras; Cadiz Philippines Stake (new, from a division of the Bacolod Philippines North Stake), Carmelino M. Cawit; Baguio Philippines Stake (new, from a division of the San Fernando La Union Philippines Stake), Carlos F. Chavez; Santiago Chile Independencia Stake, Luis Neira Lopez; Temuco Chile Stake, Hugo Quinones Silva.

Fortaleza Brazil Stake, Moroni Bing Torgan; Fortaleza Brazil West Stake (new, from a division of the Fortaleza Brazil Stake and the Fortaleza Brazil Montese Stake), Antenor Silva Junior.