First Presidency Expresses Thanks for Famine Aid
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“First Presidency Expresses Thanks for Famine Aid,” Ensign, Apr. 1985, 78

First Presidency Expresses Thanks for Famine Aid

The First Presidency recently released the following statement as a follow-up to the request that Church members in the United States and Canada fast for two meals on January 27 and contribute what the meals would have cost to a fund for famine victims in Africa and other parts of the world:

“We acknowledge with appreciation the response of the people to the call made to abstain from two meals in conformity with the established practice, and to contribute the equivalent value or more for the relief of those, regardless of Church membership, who are hungry and destitute.”

The statement was signed by President Spencer W. Kimball and the counselors in the First Presidency, President Marion G. Romney and President Gordon B. Hinckley.

Richard P. Lindsay, managing director of Public Communications for the Church, reported that the response of members to the fast was “heart-warming, and in many instances overwhelming.”

Many members of the Church sent letters along with their contributions. Written on the outside of one envelope were the words “This Valentine donated for the children of Ethiopia.” Inside were a check and a valentine card with a child’s signature: “From Cindy.”

Brother Lindsay said response to the fast was tremendous, and that many who contributed indicated it had been a great blessing in their lives.